Strategy of insomnia treatment in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia and comorbid pathology
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chronic cerebral ischemia, small vessels disease, insomnia

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Sulik, R., Klymenko, O., Yavorska, A., Kovbasyuk, Y., & Klymenko, L. (2018). Strategy of insomnia treatment in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia and comorbid pathology. East European Journal of Neurology, (2(20), 4-11.


The article presents the results of rofen drug study effectiveness in the treatment of patients with chronic cerebral ischemia with insomnia. The characteristic of vegetative and objective complaints regressions in patients during the treatment is presented. The effectiveness of different treatment regimens is evaluated depending on the duration of anxiety-depressive disorders and autonomic dysfunction. The influence of the duration of insomnia, comorbidity, anxiety-depressive disorders on the choice of therapeutic tactics in this patient has been analyzed.
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