Strategy for the treatment of cognitive disorders in patients with chronic brain ischemia and initial manifestations of insufficient blood supply to the brain


chronic cerebral ischemia, initial manifestations of insufficient blood supply of the brain, cognitive disoders, memokor, neokardil, extract ginkgo biloba, piracetam.

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Svyrydova, N., & Pavliuk, N. (2015). Strategy for the treatment of cognitive disorders in patients with chronic brain ischemia and initial manifestations of insufficient blood supply to the brain. East European Journal of Neurology, (5(5), 27-32.


Cerebrovascular accidents are the most important med- ical and social problem due to their high frequency in the structure of morbidity and mortality, as well as significant indicators of disability in the population. The severity of cognitive deficits in patients with cerebrovascular disease are more correlated not with territorial infarcts caused by the defeat of the major cerebral arteries, and on microvascular pathology (a minor heart attack, multiple lacunar infarcts, microbleeds), as well as cerebral atrophy, which may be due to vascular brain damage and specific neurodegenerative process. Since effective therapeutic drugs treat persistent cognitive impairment in the present does not exist, an alternative could be a strategy of weakening of cognitive impairment and their progression. The article describes the characteristics, the description of the results of worldwide research application components that are complex and herbal preparations Memokor Neokardil.


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