Analysis of the frequency of vascular comorbidity in patients with recurrent acute stroke
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stroke, hypertension, comorbidity, risk factors

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Mikitey, O. N., Svyrydova, N. K., & Pavliuk, N. P. (2015). Analysis of the frequency of vascular comorbidity in patients with recurrent acute stroke. East European Journal of Neurology, (6(6), 45-49.


Stroke is an important medical and social problem, which occupies the second place in the population figures for mortality and one of the first rate for disability. Given the magnitude of the incidence, severity, effects, high incidence of recurrence great importance becomes its primary and secondary prevention that provides impact on the risk factors: high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, atrial fibrillation, sickle-cell anemia, open oval window, alcoholism. Prognosis depends on many factors, primarily on the amount and location of lesions of the brain, the severity of comorbidity and the patient’s age.
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