Clinical and neurological characteristics of patients with recurrent ischemic stroke
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recurrent ischemic stroke, hypertension, neurological status, cognitive impairment

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Mikitey, O. M. (2015). Clinical and neurological characteristics of patients with recurrent ischemic stroke. East European Journal of Neurology, (5(5), 40-43.


Ischemic stroke is an important medical and social problem, due to the high incidence of morbidity, disability and mortality. The presence of motor, sensory disorders, cognitive and language disorders as clinical manifestations of ischemic stroke is correlated with high frequency disability.
The article highlights the results of clinical and neurological examination of 60 patients with primary and recurrent ischemic stroke. The statistical processing of the material demonstrate the severity of neurological disorders, complaints, anxiety and cognitive disorders in patients with recurrent ischemic stroke, compared to the original.
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