Treatment of vertebrogenic pathology and radiculopathy: features of the technique of blockade (clinical lecture)
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pain syndromes, vertebrogenic diseases, therapeutic blockades, osteochondrosis

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Svyrydova, N., Sereda, V., & Dovhiy, I. (2017). Treatment of vertebrogenic pathology and radiculopathy: features of the technique of blockade (clinical lecture). East European Journal of Neurology, (4(16), 2-24.


According to WHO, spinal diseases occupy fourth place after diseases of the cardiovascular system, oncological pathology and diabetes mellitus. The article presents modern information on the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic pain. The article presents modern recommendations for the appointment of funds that affect the pain syndromes, taking into account the risk factors. Also discussed the methods of blockade technique in severe pain syndromes.
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