Use of L- arginine in the treatment of comorbid pathology in neurological patients
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amino acids, metabolic disorders, L-arginine, cardiovascular disease, Valagyn

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Svyrydova, N., & Zhhilova, N. (2017). Use of L- arginine in the treatment of comorbid pathology in neurological patients. East European Journal of Neurology, (1(13), 4-8.


Amino acids are the structural chemical units that make up proteins. The special importance of amino acids is that some of them - precursors of neurotransmitters which are necessary for normal functioning of the brain. The absence one of  essential amino acid suspend the formation of protein. Correction of deficiency of essential amino acids and replacement carried out by different drugs. Recently, interest in preparations that contain arginine significantly increased. This interest caused by the importance of L- arginine in the body functioning, as L- Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide (NO). Arginine (Valagyn) is a common post-translational modification of proteins tsytoplazmatycheskyh that has a unique transcriptional regulatory pathways. L-arginine showed a protective effect in ischemia / reperfusion injury, which can be widely used in various diseases of the cardio-sudinnoyi system and metabolic disorders
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