Vegetative-vascular dystonia: etiopathogenesis, clinical picture, diagnosis, treatment (clinical lecture)
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dystonia, dystonia syndrome, somatoform dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, panic attacks

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Cherednichenko, T., Sereda, V., Svyrydova, N., Parnikoza, T., Chuprina, G., Khanenko, N., Sulik, R., Mykytei, O., & Svystun, V. (2017). Vegetative-vascular dystonia: etiopathogenesis, clinical picture, diagnosis, treatment (clinical lecture). East European Journal of Neurology, (1(13), 34-39.


This article discusses the clinical lecture on the problem of terminology, etiology and pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of vegetative dystonia. Also featuring a modern classification of autonomic disorders, are the criteria for the differential diagnosis of autonomic crises. Given the urgency of the problem in the structure of autonomic disorders of neurological diseases, the focus of the lecture material placed on pathogenetically justified therapeutic measures. The manifestations of dysregulation manifest as dysfunction of the endocrine, simpatoadrenalovoj and cholinergic systems, disorders of water and salt, and acid-base status, oxygen supply of physical activity, the oxygen reduction in the tissues, which leads to activation of metabolic disorders, microcirculation with the development of pathological processes in the myocardium and the emergence of hypertension. Therefore, expansion of clinical and diagnostic indicators in preparation for the lecture topics will contribute to a more effective professional development specialists.
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