Multiple sclerosis: treatment approaches in a historical perspective (clinical lecture, continued)
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physiology and pathology, diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, multiple sclerosis treatment.

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Chupryna, G., Svyrydova, N., Trufanov, Y., Khanenko, N., Cherednichenko, T., Mykytei, O., & Andruschenko, O. (2016). Multiple sclerosis: treatment approaches in a historical perspective (clinical lecture, continued). East European Journal of Neurology, (4(10), 4-10.


Analytical view of the human organism, its physiology and pathology, treatment methods, formed under the influence of many centuries of observing the progress of the disease, when there was not this or that individual symptoms and groups related by birth, with common features and parallel flow of symptoms, under the influence of treatment and its effects have been studied as weight, texture, color, damaged organs, the link between a specific and complex pathology of affected organs and tissues. Thus was formed syndromal diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, where each syndrome reflects the general, substantiality and local disturbances, had characteristic diagnostic features. On the basis of this multi-faceted study of the patient was placed syndromic diagnosis and the appropriate treatment approach, aimed at restoring the overall balance of the body's defenses.
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