Neuroprotective properties of arginine: conclusiveness 2016


neuroprotective, stroke, treatment, arginine, Valargin.

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Svyrydova, N. (2016). Neuroprotective properties of arginine: conclusiveness 2016. East European Journal of Neurology, (4(10), 70-77.


Systemic or oral administration of arginine improves the function of cardiovascular system and reduces myocardial ischemia in patients with coronary heart disease, lowers blood pressure in hypertensive patients and in patients with normal or poor kidney function. Although the concentration of arginine in the plasma do not vary with hypercholesterolemia, oral or intravenous administration of arginine can significantly reduce endothelial dysfunction in patients with hypercholesterolemia and in smokers. The main action Arginina due to its role as a precursor of nitric oxide synthesis. L-arginine affects the pathophysiological mechanisms that exist method, the progression of atherosclerosis. L-arginine can be considered as an integrative part of a multimodal approach to combating acute cerebrovascular pathology, development-it excitotoxicity and ischemic brain injury. Neuroprotective properties of the L-arginine suggests that they may have potential as neuroprotective therapy in stroke patients.


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