Experience of application of acupuncture in pain syndrome as a means of increasing the «pain threshold»
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problem training method, reflexotherapy, acupuncture, pain syndrome.

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Svyrydova, N. (2016). Experience of application of acupuncture in pain syndrome as a means of increasing the «pain threshold». East European Journal of Neurology, (6(12), 14-19. https://doi.org/10.33444/2411-5797.2016.6(12).14-19


The paper shows ways to optimize the training of doctors in the field of Reflexotherapy. Used problem methodology of training, provided experience in organizing practical classes, clinical examinations of patients. Іmportance in the process of training specialists at the Department of Neurology and Reflexology is given to practical classes, where students must realize in a real clinical situation, at the bed of the patient, they mastered theoretical ideas about the mechanisms of therapeutic action of reflexotherapy in certain diseases and conditions, indications and contraindications to the conduct of procedures Reflexotherapy, the method of selecting patients for reflexology and recreating the acquired skills of acupuncture diagnosis and procedures. Reflexology A significant role in the preparation of future reflexology doctors is also given to seminars, which have the role of a kind of chain between theoretical knowledge and their practical implementation in clinical work: it requires a logical doctor’s actions and skills in making specific decisions. Practical’s are carried out for various types of seminars, but the most popular are the colloquium workshop and clinical-workshop. Situation tasks are made on the basis of the «Bank» of clinical treatments according to different nosology’s. The presented clinical cases based on data analysis of patients who were under the supervision of teachers of the Department of Neurology and Reflexology and were used in the preparation of seminars-clinical treatments, dealing with the treatment of patients with pain syndromes using reflexotherapy. Presented clinical cases of effective use of acupuncture treatment in patients with pain syndromes due to reduction of «pain threshold».

ARTICLE PDF (Українська)


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