Neurolues: the clinical case
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neurosyphilis, Argail-Robertson's syndrome, benzylpenicillin, diagnostics of neurosyphilis

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Kysil’, V., Nechkaluk, M., Drigant, L., & Sereda, V. (2018). Neurolues: the clinical case. East European Journal of Neurology, (2(8), 9-13.


Neurosyphilis -  chronic, progressive infection of the central nervous system of humans. The development of the pathology caused by penetration of the body causative agent of syphilis - Treponema pale. Syphilis affects all parts of the central and peripheral nervous system, and the clinical picture of the disease is manifested by a number of neurological symptoms. Today syphilis treated well, but if we are dealing with advanced forms and the possible consequences. Particularly relevant for neurosyphilis high mortality. The problem of syphilis has not lost its relevance now. This is facilitated by low social and economic development, military events. Besides increasing the number of cases with atypical course. The article described the case of clinical practice - diagnosis and treatment tactics of patients diagnosed with neurosyphilis.
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