Bases of pediatric medical education at the modern stage of the european experience
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educational processes, academic education, postgraduate education, advanced training

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Svyrydova, N. (2018). Bases of pediatric medical education at the modern stage of the european experience. East European Journal of Neurology, (2(20), 38-40.


Thanks to the achievements of the last several hundred years, the global processes taking place in Europe have gained a more specific character, which corresponds to the current realities of the development of the European Union and its citizens. Consequently, the understanding of the most part of the political and academic world is growing in the need to establish qualitatively close ties to the experience of educational cooperation, which develop in the formation and strengthening of its intellectual, cultural, social and scientific and technical potential in relation to the basics of postgraduate education. Thanks to the modern programs of European countries there is a possibility that allows to really evaluate their forces, to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the domestic system of teaching, and to identify and improve the ways of further growth. The concept of postgraduate training throughout the world is promoted through increased communication between universities and educational institutions, management bodies, medical societies and medical associations.
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