New features dorsalgia therapy associated with muscle spasm


dorsalgia, muscle spasm, flupirtine, flugesik, the treatment of back pain

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Svyrydova, N. (2016). New features dorsalgia therapy associated with muscle spasm. East European Journal of Neurology, (2(8), 22-25.


Dorsalgia associated with muscle spasm - a multidisciplinary problem that requires immediate pain therapy, regardless of etiology. The aim of this approach is the relief of pain and improved the patient's quality of life, prevention of chronic pain in the long term. The special place in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain takes flupirtine has complex effects that can be successfully used in patients with this disorder. The analgesic effect of flupirtine and the ability to normalize the increased muscle tone you can use it for the purpose of immediate analgesia for pain associated with muscle spasm. Additional ability to prevent chronic pain at the level of biochemical and electrochemical cell processes is an argument for the inclusion of flupirtine in the treatment regimen of pain as an essential component.


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