Neurophysiological bases of application of methods of reflexotherapy in treatment of multiple screllosis (Clinical lecture)
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multiple sclerosis, reflexology methods, neurophysiological mechanisms.

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Chuprina, G., Svyrydova, N., Parnikoza, T., Svystun, V., & Shcherbaty, A. (2018). Neurophysiological bases of application of methods of reflexotherapy in treatment of multiple screllosis (Clinical lecture). East European Journal of Neurology, (1(19), 4-8.


The main neurophysiological mechanisms of the sanogenetic action of acupuncture with multiple sclerosis are considered in the article. Clinical results of the use of reflexotherapy in a complex of therapeutic measures in this disease are shown according to the analysis of published sources and the results of their own observations. Neurological syndromes of multiple sclerosis and comorbid diseases are presented, in which reflexotherapy methods provide the greatest therapeutic effect.
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