No 3(9) (2016): East European Journal of Neurology
East European Journal of Neurology

ISSN 2411-5797

Тhe main objective of the journal is to provide neurologists and general practitioners with scientific, editorial articles and reviews in the field of practical and experimental neurology, as well as related disciplines (immunology, pathomorphology, biochemistry, microbiology).


I. Kucheieva
Syndromology lesions of the extrapyramidal system (Translation Section «Clinical Neurology», 4th Edition (2014), T.J. Fowler,John W. Scadding,Nick Losseff, J.W.Scadding)
N.P. Pavliuk
Features of diagnosis of cognitive disorders in patients with chronic brain ischemia
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G. Chupryna
Visual and oculomotor disorders in patients with multiple sclerosis in connection with comorbidity
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A. Pyantkovsky
Vertebrogenous syndrome, lumbosacral spine against the backdrop of connective tissue dysplasia in athletes
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N. Kravchuk
Quality of life, anxiety and depression in patients with chronic ischemia and congestive heart failure in the presence of autonomic dysfunction
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N. Inhula
Assessment of the severity of cognitive disorders based on cerebral hemodynamics in patients with stable angina
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O. Mykytei
The dynamics of neurological status in patients with stroke against the background of cardiovascular comorbidity during hospital stay
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N. Svyrydova, N. Ingula, І. Bieliakova, N. Ruda, K. Pidgirna, A. Shcherbaty
The condition of the ischemic stroke: clinical cause
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N. Svyrydova, K. Zamolotova, Т. Bytsay
Metabolic correction of chronic brain ischemia in patients with diabetes using the drug сytoflavin
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