No 5(11) (2016): East European Journal of Neurology
East European Journal of Neurology

ISSN 2411-5797

Тhe main objective of the journal is to provide neurologists and general practitioners with scientific, editorial articles and reviews in the field of practical and experimental neurology, as well as related disciplines (immunology, pathomorphology, biochemistry, microbiology).


N. Svyrydova, K. Podhornaya, I. Kucheeva, V. Zabolotnaya, L. Borshchak, A. Potyevskaya, A. Nechyporuk, V. Slavnykova
The European experience of "Neurology journal club" at the Department of Neurology and Reflexology, Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
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N. Svyrydova
Всеукраїнська школа неврологів: стратегія 2017 року
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G. Chupryna, N. Svyrydova, A. Galusha
Аnalysis of risk factors in patients with multiple sclerosis in terms of comorbidity
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V. Yavorsky
Cerebral hemodynamics and perfusion brain condition with hypertensive encephalopathy in elderly patients
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A. Pyantkovsky
Analysis of the frequency of connective tissue dysplasia
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N. Zherdоva, B. Mankovsky
The relationship between cognitive impairment and decreased cerebral blood flow in the frontal area
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V. Sereda, N. Svyrydova, T. Parnikoza, N. Khanenko, T. Cherednichenko, O. Mykytei, N. Ingula, V. Svystun, N. Ruda, A. Artemenko, K. Bartosh, I. Lozna, A. Gapon
Practical lesson «Secondary acute encephalopolyradiculoneuropathy»
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O. Mykytei
Analysis of interference factors in the analysis provdennya neuropsychological characteristics of patients with recurrent ischemic stroke
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N. Svyrydova
Back pain is a common cause of treatment to a neurologist