No 1(19) (2018): East European Journal of Neurology
East European Journal of Neurology

ISSN 2411-5797

Тhe main objective of the journal is to provide neurologists and general practitioners with scientific, editorial articles and reviews in the field of practical and experimental neurology, as well as related disciplines (immunology, pathomorphology, biochemistry, microbiology).


G. Chuprina, N. Svyrydova, T. Parnikoza, V. Svystun, A. Shcherbaty
Neurophysiological bases of application of methods of reflexotherapy in treatment of multiple screllosis (Clinical lecture)
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N. Zhhilova
Analysis of the state of the autonomic nervous system, risk factors for the development of cardiovascular diseases in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia and chronic heart failure
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M. Petrenko
Relationship between the state coagulation system, protein and fat metabolism, and Brain iron deposition in patients with cerebral small vessel disease
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N. Inhula
The analysis of comparative characteristics of assessment of psychoemotional status and vegetative resistance in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia on the background of angina pectoris
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S. Borzenkov, N. Svyrydova, L. Borzenkova
Rare causes of stroke in young people
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V. Bobrova, S. Nikiforov
Emergency conditions: pathogenesis and treatment of fever in children
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N. Svyrydova
The role of B vitamins in the treatment of back pain
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