No 4(22) (2018): East European Journal of Neurology
East European Journal of Neurology

ISSN 2411-5797

Тhe main objective of the journal is to provide neurologists and general practitioners with scientific, editorial articles and reviews in the field of practical and experimental neurology, as well as related disciplines (immunology, pathomorphology, biochemistry, microbiology).


N. Svyrydova
Metabolic Therapy in hypertensive encephalopathy: emphasis on comorbidity of pathology
G. Chupryna
Multiple sclerosis: clinical and pathogenetic characteristics and therapeutic approaches based on comorbidity
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G. Chuprina, E. Trufanov, N. Svyrydova, A. Bondarenko, V. Svystun, A. Shcherbaty
Lecture of the cycle of specialization in reflexology "Applying the theory of IN and YN in traditional Chinese medicine"
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N. Svyrydova, N. Ingula, І. Bieliakova, N. Ruda, K. Pidgirna, A. Shcherbaty
Clinical Case: Condition of the patient after repeated acute cerebrovascular disruption by ischemic type in the basin of the right middle cerebral artery with left-sided hemiparesis
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N. Inhula
Features of neuroimaging data in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia on the background of angina pectoris
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M. Petrenko, S. Grabovetskii
Investigation of SWI - basal nucleus intensity and fractional anisotropy of cerebral pathways in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia
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