No 1(13) (2017): East European Journal of Neurology
East European Journal of Neurology

ISSN 2411-5797

Тhe main objective of the journal is to provide neurologists and general practitioners with scientific, editorial articles and reviews in the field of practical and experimental neurology, as well as related disciplines (immunology, pathomorphology, biochemistry, microbiology).


N. Svyrydova, N. Zhhilova
Use of L- arginine in the treatment of comorbid pathology in neurological patients
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N. Svyrydova, N. Zhhilova
New features combined neuroprotective therapy in patients with chronic stroke against the background of cardiovascular pathology
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N. Zherdоva, B. Mankovsky
Characteristics of cognitive function in patients with diabetes mellitus type 1 younger depending transferred hypoglycemic conditions
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G. Chupryna, N. Svyrydova, T. Parnikoza
Еvaluation data somatosensory evoked potentials and electromyography in patients with multiple sclerosis in the aspect comorbidity
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V. Kononov, G. Chupryna, N. Svyrydova, T. Parnikoza, O. Mykytei
Lecture theme usovershenstvoniya in reflexology "Diagnosis and treatment of pain syndrome in traditional Chinese medicine"
T. Cherednichenko, V. Sereda, N. Svyrydova, T. Parnikoza, G. Chuprina, N. Khanenko, R. Sulik, O. Mykytei, V. Svystun
Vegetative-vascular dystonia: etiopathogenesis, clinical picture, diagnosis, treatment (clinical lecture)
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